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VidzFX Review - OTO 1 to 6 OTOs Bundle Coupon + Bonuses Upsell

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As a matter of fact, social media is an unlimited source of free traffic. However, the reality isn’t as smooth as you expect, sometimes your posts just get flopped and you don’t even know why you’re not getting customer attention or the sales you deserve. Don’t panic because you are no exception.

Hardly anyone realizes that the issue isn’t the traffic. One thing you have to put in mind is that the photo you posted on Facebook yesterday is sitting amongst the other 350 MILLION that got posted that day.

That Instagram video you have shared today is one of the 95 MILLION other photos and videos that got posted on the same day. You see, getting noticed is more difficult than ever before because there is so much content published every second of the day.

So if your posts don’t stand out from the crowd, the only consequence you will certainly get is a failure. To create totally unique and eye-popping animations no one else has, even if you are completely tech-challenged, roll down to read more about this amazing software and you will soon your solution to this irritating attention-grabbing problem!

Let’s find out all the details about it in my VidzFX Review below!

VidzFX OTO 1st – 5th Reviews Coupon: VidzFX has two front end options called VidzFX COMMERCIAL and VidzFX PERSONAL, VidzFX Bundle Deal & 5 other OTOs. The 1st is VidzFX MAX, the 2nd VidzFX OTO is VidzFX Animated, the 3rd is VidzFX SlideShow, the 4th VidzFX OTO is VidzFX Agency, the 5th VidzFX OTO is VidzFX SPINZIGN. The product is by Brett Ingram. All the links >>>

Making great videos will become super easy for you, so you’ll do more of them. With just a few minutes per day you can populate your Youtube channel with great content like never before!

You can end your video editing worries today! Even if you don’t have something to edit now, if you’re doing marketing you will need video. Better to have one of the easiest to use video editing tools when you need it so you can create converting videos FAST!

VidzFX is an all-in-one system that allows you to design eye-catching videos and spread your messages to bring crazy viewers, clicks, and sales without pause.

VidzFX FE: VidzFX


VidzFX OTO 2: VidzFX MAX





Imagine that all the tools you need to create this are all in one package. You don’t need to spend thousands, take days of revising, and handle complicated technology anymore… Because with VidzFX, we give you this experience to create dynamic, game-changing videos for ONLY $37!


Say goodbye to boring amateur video… with VidFX you can make Studio Quality videos which will make any Hollywood director proud.

+ Full HD. 1920×1080

+ 4K 3840×2160

+ Square 1920×1920

+ Vertical Story 1080×1920


Our in-house team has designed some unique beautiful themes that are not available to anyone else except VidFX members.

Apply any theme to any video in just 1 click and watch the magic unfold.

Build your special FX video from scratch… use any of the STUNNING themes and get a scroll-stopping special FX video in no time.

Easy Timeline Editing

Simply drag each element on each slide to exact position for perfect timing.

You can also sequence audio/visual elements, change their exit/entrance duration & order of appearance.

VidFX makes everything super-easy & fun.

Fun Canvas Editing

Take your canvas from ‘Blank’ to being ‘Stunning’… as you are amazed at your own creativity while you drag-n-drop elements, resize texts , rotate & scale for the perfect layout.

VidFX makes you meet the ‘hidden’ designer inside you.

Stunning Backgrounds

Make your video a notch above from the rest of the videos with 100 studio quality stunning HD video backgrounds…

Just click-n-apply backgrounds to your video until you find the perfect one. You can even customize and upload your own backgrounds.

With VidFX – we have removed ALL restrictions that other tools have in place.

Goodbye Boring Text

Make your words dance around inside your video… catching your viewers attention and sending your conversions soaring.

Create your copy from smashing 100 professional fonts.

Make breathtaking projects with Kinetic Text Animation… with 4 entrance directions that appear in 3 different modes!

Also giving you 5 entrance effects!!!

→ left, right, up, down

→letter-by-letter, word-per-word, line-by-line, fly in, appear, rotate in, shake, inflate.

Mesmerizing Sounds

Compliment your graphics with engaging sounds from an array of sound FX & music tracks. Select from a wide range of audio library that houses every sound you can think of…

… from aliens, alerts, evil. echoes, explosions, lasers, machines, thunder.

… to liquids, swishes, bells, creepy, dark, digital, electric, footsteps, futuristic, glass, guns, magic, space, wind, power, cinematic

… all the way to beats, electronic, cool, chill, bizarre, hip hop, sci fi, techno, upbeat, trance, new age, rock … and many more.

Give your audience a total cinematic experience! You can even pick music from your own music library… just set volume, put it on loop, fade in or fade out – and you’re good to go.

Jaw-Dropping Videos

You can create STUNNING special FX videos using DFY videos inside the built-in 400+ video library.

VidFX also allows you to upload & use your own videos… and supports .MP4 .MOV .WEBM

Set videos as background or overlay, trim and use exact timing and segment, include audio, scale/resize or layer videos in any order for exact look and feel.

Normally such advanced features are available ONLY when you pay extra to upgrade.

But to celebrate this special launch – we are unlocking these features for you ABSOLUTELY free of cost.

Exciting Transitions

VidFX comes fully-loaded with a kinetic and video transitions library.

Find transitions like arcs, circles, cyber, energy, paintwaves, particles, radials, slides, and more… set duration and choose whether to transition only content or whole slide including background.

You have complete control. Have your own transition that you’d like to use?

No problem… upload it in 1-click and start creating your video.

Lightening Fast Rendering

Use your video as soon as you’re done creating them. VidFX’s lightening fast rendering means there are no delays.

Your special FX video is ready as soon as you customized it to your heart.

Share Anywhere And Everywhere

Download & Share your special FX video on social media, your blogs, landing pages, YouTube and wherever else you want.

Personal Rights

Use VidFX to create STUNNING special FX videos to advertise and promote your products or services through paid or non-paid marketing channels.

Works On both Windows & Mac

VidFX is compatible with both Windows & Mac. Simply get a copy… download it & install it on your computer. Create special FX videos on the go.


  • 6 Stunning Video Templates
  • 16 Youtube Opener Templates
  • 16 Intro Video Templates
  • 16 Outro Video Templates
  • 25 Lower Third Templates
  • 16 Info Bar Templates
  • 14 Subscribe Animation Templates
  • 13 Social Media Templates
  • 50 Thumbnail Templates
  • 30 Youtube Cover Templates
  • 25 Modern Titles Templates
  • 14 Next Video Templates
  • 400+ DFY Templates Built In
  • Video Tutorials for Easy Editing
  • Animation Video Templates
  • Presentation Video Templates
  • InstaStories Video
  • Logo Opener Templates
  • Youtube End-Screen Outro
  • Youtube Channel Cover
  • Youtube Thumbnail
  • Animated Video Templates: DFY Modern, Fresh Animation and Professional Style Video Templates
  • Presentation Templates: Design High Impact, Attractive, Engaging and Communicative Pitch Presentations
  • InstaStory Video Templates: Stunning and Dazzling Instagram Stories For Promote Your Profile, Brand or Product!
  • Logo Opener Templates: Dynamic Logo Opener Templates That Repeatedly Impact The Logo in The Viewer’s Mind.


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